Our Vision and Values for corrosion control;

Best Service, Excellence and Customer satisfaction, Cleanliness, Dust Free to the best of our capability, High quality, Excellent Workmanship, Always meet the client’s deadline, Mutual Respect, Professionalism and Correctness, Team Work.


We always look forward to new challenges. Our expertise is blasting and painting as per SABS Code of Practice.  We also offer onsite workmanship.

Surface Preparation

Degreasing and abrasive blast cleaning is carried out on site.

primer is applied before the formation of surface rust, but not more than 4 hrs after blasting. Flash blasting may be required for difficult areas or unstable ambient conditions


Specialised Coatings

All coatings are applied according to customer specifications

If a specific coating cannot be sourced, an equivalent coating will be sourced from one of our reputable suppliers

Coating Application

All coatings are applied according to customer specifications.

Full records and systems used are catalogued and coating systems comes from reputable suppliers

Customers are presented with records of the entire coating process