Go Paint Company (Pty) Ltd.

 Providers of spraypainting, speciallised coating and anti corrosion services.


Degreasing and abrasive blast cleaning is carried out on site.


Priming is applied before the formation of rust (not more than 4hrs after blasting)


All cotings are applied accouting to customer specifications

Amazing Things for You

At Go Paint Company we provide industry standard coatings for a variety of applications.

As affiliates of carboline and thereby stoncor, Go Paint Company has the capacity to meet a wide variety of corrosion and coating application needs. Go Paint Company prides itself in delivering on time with the best workmanship of a high standard.

We manage our work with a quality control system. The client’s expectations are always taken to heart.  All work is carried out with the required specification to customer satisfaction.

Dedicated to our work

All our work is done with passion and devotion to the job.  Our team is dedicated and hardworking.